LOS ANGELES — While most of the surprises in the new E3 Halo: Reach campaign trailer – revealed yesterday – were trumped by players’ exposure to the public multiplayer beta in May, one thing did indeed stand out: Space Combat. The trailer closes with two Spartans strapping into a fighter that launches triumphantly from Reach’s surface into orbit to do battle with Covanent forces in a scene that looks every but as good as any space battle from the Star Wars series. See the trailer for yourself on Xbox LIVE or check it out here.

Halo: Reach is set for release September 14 and I’m sure we can expect even more surprises before then. In the meantime, don’t forget about the jetpacks. They rule.

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  1. illy

    yo hop off mike vicks dick u juss mad cuzz he doin wat he gotta do real talk stop bein a hater real talk

    • Andrew de Geofroy

      Are those… words? Here’s some “real talk” for you: Michael Vick torturing and killing dogs was not something he had to do. I really don’t think that with the money he was making he had some sort of economic imperative for animal cruelty. But thanks for the input, homeboy.

  2. illy

    nah but real talk i kno dis shyts gonna be live azz hell damn dogfightin in space like dats was upp man dis shytt needs ta hurry up and come out lol………

    • tested testys

      yo b, this b crazey.. dug fughting in the space is fiz real tight g. i be on that crptyonite with the slamiversary in these air shun. i fo reals is beast and going to get halo 3, Halo3 looks awsome!


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