En Masse Entertainment,
a new breed of game publisher focused on delivering highly anticipated online video games to Western audiences (Read: Dumb Americans with a healthy bloodlust), announced today that it will present the first hands-on demo of its flagship Action MMO title, TERAâ„¢, at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 in Los Angeles. The hands-on demo will focus on TERA‘s groundbreaking action combat system, which allows players to step into a world where their actions, teamwork, and combat expertise—not statistics—give them a chance to become true heroes in the face of danger.

"At E3, people will have the chance to experience firsthand what makes TERA‘s gameplay so exciting," said En Masse CEO Dr. Jae-Heon Yang. "Select media will form a party with varied roles and venture forth to experience their first battle using our innovative action/adventure style combat system. During the show, players will see how TERA is changing the rules of MMO combat."

TERA is an innovative Action MMORPG with rich graphics and animations where players fully control their characters through the game’s dynamic battle system. Player actions in TERA can change the balance of power in a world threatened by dark powers as six allied races work together to protect their world. The game, which is currently in development for PC, will launch in North America and Europe in 2011.

Players can visit the official TERA website for game information, team updates, and to sign up for beta testing opportunities at: www.TERA-Online.com

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