Giant Bomb noticed the prolific rapper/actor/celebrity gamer’s comments during his latest Ustream broadcast in which he mentions his  Gears 3 role followed by, “I didn’t just say that.” If you start the vid at 17:30, you’ll hear the news from the man, himself. Ice-T and Epic Game’s Cliff Blezinski had discussed Ice-T’s inclusion in Gears previously, according to Kotaku.

If you’re looking for a really bad-ass EmmEffer to be in a trilogy-capping blockbuster like Gears 3, you can do a lot worse than Ice-T. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard the unfiltered version of the rap legend, I recommend listening to the entire broadcast because it’s totally hilarious. Epic PR must be thrilled with this for a reveal. Better luck next time guys…

The hard to miss Coco and her man.

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