For those of you who enjoy a good on-rails, light gun shooter (I know I do), Teyon games may have what you’re looking for. Here is the first official trailer for the very culturally sensitive, ‘Heavy Fire: Special Operations’:

You are able to run missions from the ground, a Humvee or a Blackhawk helicopter with 1 or 2 players. You will get additional points for smashing the environment. No mention if there are any bonuses for excessive civilian deaths.

As you rise through the military ranks, you will  get more and more powerful weapons that differ in features and controls. According to Teyon’s info, “You will need a quick trigger-finger to complete extremely dangerous levels and restore the balance of the terrorized region in the Middle East.” That last part doesn’t make a bit of sense, but it doesn’t have to because you’re about to peacefulize that ambiguous Middle-Eastern setting the only way you know how – with superior firepower, baby!

It is rumored that Teyon originally wanted to title the game, “America: Fuck Yeah!!”, but backed off of it due to  obvious copyright complications. No word on an official release date for Heavy Fire: Special Operations. You can check the website for additional info.

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