Well, it seems like ol’ timey Monopoly is getting a proverbial new coat of paint, in Monopoly City. Now available via download at Pogo.com. Monopoly City follows the same rules as the board game of the same name, except now you wont have to do all of that annoying math (and I won’t have to count on my fingers!) when you’re calculating the money.

As players move around the board, fully represented in 3D, they can buy districts and build a variety of residential and industrial buildings, all of which are fully animated during the construction process. Unlike classic MONOPOLY, this version allows players to construct buildings during every turn. Players are also not required to land on the property they wish to develop, keeping players on their toes at all times.

Adding a layer of competitive tension to the game, MONOPOLY City provides more opportunity to disrupt opponents’ plans than the standard game. Players can build a hazard building like a prison, sewage plant or power station on opponents’ land, rendering residential properties worthless. The owner can demolish the harmful structure for a price or completely prohibit its construction by creating bonus buildings like schools, wind farms and parks within his or her districts.

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