Embedded in an Associated Press report detailing the success of Bungie’s Halo: Reach Beta and what’s on the proverbial horizon for the company, was a September 14 release date for the final, shipped product.

In addition to the release date revelation came numbers and statistics from Reach‘s Beta.

According to the report, during the Beta’s 18 day length, more than 16 millions hours and over 1.1 billion kills were logged, leaving Bungie quite the happy camper.

“It’s exceeded our expectations,” said Bungie Studios community director Brian Jarrard. “Our only real perspective going into this was the ‘Halo 3’ beta test, which had about 800,000 people. We knew there were a couple million copies of ‘ODST’ out there, but we really didn’t have any specific information that let us know what the population might be like.”

via AP

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  1. Shane

    16 million hours… do you know how many unique players this equates to? It would be interesting to see what the *average* number of hours was per person.

    Going with estimates that there would be 2-3 million unique players (predicted before the beta launched, so those figures are subject to review) my guess is that people spent an average of 6-7 hours on the beta. That is impressive 😀


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