If you haven’t noticed, the internet is getting increasingly shittier with each passing day.

Whether it’s the makers of “The Hurt Locker” threatening to sue anyone who downloaded it, YouTube pulling every other clip that someone posts, or the fact I can’t figure out how to use a goddamn “keygen” so I can get all of this stolen software I downloaded to work, the web isn’t the proverbial “Wild West” anymore.

Hey, at least there’s still a healthy amount of free porn sites available at our fingertips, right?

Although, after reading articles like this, I’m sure that’ll change sooner than later, too.

Anyway, with the series finale of Lost airing this coming Sunday, some impatient fans have been (unsurprisingly) looking for any hints or plot spoilers because they’re either horribly impatient (which is dumb) or, because they’d like to ruin the ending for someone who would be super pissed if that happened (which would be hilarious and awesome.)

Regardless of the intent, fans who are looking for Lost finale spoilers not only aren’t finding them, they’re ending up with a nasty computer virus. Clearly, that’s not the kind of spoiler that anybody’s looking for. More on this story, thanks to the Boston Herald, after the jump.

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