Bungie’s final Halo effort, Halo:Reach, has been in multiplayer beta since May 3. In that time, a mere 2.5 weeks, it has managed to overtake Halo 3‘s player count by leaps and bounds.

The Beta’s fast paced train of death comes to a abrupt halt tomorrow, when Microsoft says it will pull the figurative (or literal!) plug on the trial.

In Reach‘s first week alone, over 14 million games were logged and 157 million kills amassed, which equals more than Halo 3 enjoyed in its beta’s lifetime.

Possibly the allure of the beta was found for gamers in its new gametypes; Invasion and Generator Defense. Personally, Generator Defense felt like a buzzkill. I loved the ideal objective, but with only three versus three, it got old and stale very fast. On the other hand, Invasion and Invasion Slayer, are two areas I’ve logged the most time in, simply because Bungie finally went for it and they nailed it, right on the head.

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