If an Activision artist’s resume is to be believed, work on Guitar Hero 6 and Band Hero 3 has already started.

Artist Nigel Li, who’s resume was spotted by the information sleuthing website Superannuation recently, indicates he’s done concept artwork for Activision’s two music game franchise’s future installments Band Hero 3 and Guitar Hero 7.

Taylor Swift, as seen in Activision's Band Hero.

Details on Guitar Hero 6, a title that’s supposed to land sometime in 2010, are just beginning to trickle in now and Band Hero 2 remains shrouded in mystery, but apparently, Activision is already setting up shop for the successors to those games.

All things considered, this news isn’t too zany. The Guitar Hero franchise is a popular and recognized one and Band Hero, with its appeal to the teeny-bopper masses, certainly feels like it could be the publisher’s “next big thing,” leading us to believe Activision would plan these titles out years in advance.

What’s more, Li, according to his resume, has only compiled concept art for the two games and everything starts with concept art.

Resume via superannuation

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