When Bungie signed their industry-shattering ten-year publishing deal with Activision, many became instantly wary of the renowned Halo developer working on Activision’s crown console jewel, Call of Duty.

However, in an interview with Computer and Video Games, Bungie’s Brian Jarrard dispelled that rumor, and said Bungie has “no interest” in developing a title in that franchise for Activision.

“No. We have no interest at all in working on anybody else’s intellectual property. Realistically, the scale and ambition of what we hope to achieve with our own IP for the next ten years can only really happen if we had the full might of the entire studio working on it. We are committed to fully engage and really work on executing this collective vision as an entire team.”

On top of that confirmation of commitment to Bungie’s own intellectual property, the studio spoke about that IP in question, saying that while the core staff at Bungie remains “100 percent” committed to finishing Halo: Reach and shipping it this Fall, the “new game” is in pre-production. What’s more, Bungie expects it to be as popular, if not more, than Halo.

Yeah – absolutely. We’re tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished with Halo. If you look at Bungie’s history, each new universe we’ve built has gotten a little big bigger and a little bit broader – with Halo obviously being the crown jewel these days.

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