If a survey floating around is to be believed, Sony is currently considering adding paid downloadable content to the world of Zipper Interactive’s Massive Action Game, or MAG in the form of additional character slots and a new game mode.

The first idea on the survey has to do with one of the gripes about the game; how gamers can only have one character (at a time), to play on any of the game’s three factions. The idea here is that Sony will allow you an additional character slot in exchange for $1 a month. Would you do it?

It's Mag-tastic!

The second change possibly considered for the world of MAG is the addition of a new game mode referred to as “Interdiction.” This mode pits 128 players on two teams against each other fighting to control three neutral points on the given map. The survey asks if you’d rather pay $8.99 or $12.99 for this additional content, though which price you’re asked is dependent on answers to earlier questions.

via Joystiq

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