Do you aspire for your own fashion line or for your designs to become more than just a drawing on a piece of paper? If you’ve spent all of your time and money trying to create and promote your clothing line, but have been unsuccessful, this may be the answer you’re looking for.

In 2008, CEO and Founder Sam Sisakhti, created UsTrendy.

"I want to help indie designers break through the barriers in the industry and pursue their dreams. There are so many talented designers and artists in the world who do not have a platform to be discovered," said Sisakhti. "I want consumers to play a part in the discovery process. Democracy was something that I’ve always wanted to introduce into any business I created … The people’s voice should determine things rather than the voice of a select few."

The Boston-based company has just moved back to Boston and is ready to "get involved heavily in Boston’s fashion scene as well as help local designers," said Sisakhti.

So what exactly is UsTrendy?

USTrendy allows fashion designers to have their designs produced and promoted. Designers will obtain funding and gain other assistance to launch and grow their clothing lines. It also allows consumers to decide which trends and styles should be produced for the masses to wear instead of leaving that decision up to the fashion industry.

"I thought that it was vital to allow people the opportunity to have a say because, at the end of the day, we are the ones who spend so much of our time and money on the products", said Sisakhti.

Designers create a profile where they will upload their designs; think virtual shop. Users vote on the designs they like best and would like to see produced. The top rated designs will be produced and promoted by UsTrendy.


"In two years, UsTrendy has grown to become one of the largest fashion design websites on the web with almost half a million designs uploaded. We have provided independent fashion designers with thousands of dollars of funding towards the production of their clothing lines, and provided designers with their own runway shows in major fashion weeks such as London Fashion week where they were able to capture main stream exposure," said Sisakhti.

USTrendy will be sending another designer to London Fashion Week for Fall 2010; that designer could be you.

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