Harmonix, makers of the famed Rock Band series, are primed and ready to unleash Green Day: Rock Band, their second band-specific game, following The Beatles: Rock Band of last year, in just a few weeks on June 8. However, if some is good, more seems to be better as the game-maker has posted a survey today in hopes of gauging interest in the next big thing.

The survey is short and sweet; only two questions long.

The first asks, “would you be likely to buy a dedicated Rock band video game by ANY of the following artists, knowing the game would contain music ONLY by the specific artist?

The options are:

Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Queen, U2 and Led Zeppelin.

The next question asks, “which artist would you like like to see in a dedicated Rock Band video game,” where you can select up to three of the above options.

It might happen

Actually, there are three questions. The third asks you for a write-in vote, which you can answer with anything you’d like.

Of course, Harmonix issued a disclaimer, to hopefully nullify the wild rumors that are likely to immediately spread.

“In the interest of immediately addressing suspicion and heading rumors off before they start, this poll is not an indication, implication, hint, suggestion, guarantee or promise that Harmonix is going make games based on any or all of the bands listed in this poll. We know how excited Rock Band super fans get about uncovering the next big thing, so we wanted to clear that up right from the start,” reads the statement.

Well now, it looks like this little thing we call the music-game genre is in fact going nowhere, instead growing and growing. Just imagine; a Led Zeppelin: Rock Band, that’d sell millions and millions you’d have to think.

Take the survey here.

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  1. Luranaire

    I don’t see how could this could possibly be good; it’s a well-known fact that Jimmy Page hates the idea of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. He’d never do it, and I completely support his decision.

  2. ozlacs

    DEFINITELY QUEEN!! Led Zepellin is wayyyy too overated…The Eagles,Pink Floyd and seriously U2?WTF. WHile all good in their own ways I dont think any of them have reached pop culture the way Queen has. Granted they already have many songs in RB but those could all work as dlc for Queen:RB. SOngs like Youre my best friend ,Bohemian Rhapsody, ’39, Dreamers Ball,Good Old Fasioned Loverboy are gems that have yet to be on any good rhythm game and would be enjoyed ten times more than screaming Dark Side of the Moon , or crooning Hotel California at my TV. Please leave Bono far away from ROCK band

    • Corey Stewart

      Led Zeppelin is overated… on this blue marble of a planet, how can you even begin to mention those words. And everything you say after Queen is just showing you’re just a fanboy of one band. Led Zeppelin Rock Band would outsell all other bands, that’s for sure.

  3. Noriko

    Led Zeppelin is my favourite band, and i pay any price for a “Rock Band Led Zeppelin” BUT….in a Jimmy Page interwiev for appear in this games (Guitar Hero), Jimmy said that IS NOT INTERRESED in this :…( but…. i saw the supposed Rock Band 3 tracklist and “Achilles Last Stand” apear!!!!, is Jimmy changed your opinion??? I WISSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!

  4. Rod Molidor

    I am very sad to see that the poll is done because I wanted to write-in for Blue Oyster Cult. They certainly have the quality material and the type of music to fill an entire Rock Band game. But of the above bands I think I would like to see Pink Floyd the most, if I can’t have my cowbell.

  5. Guy

    Queen. being that all the major songs are on rockbands it will be a great oppertunitey (poor spelling I know) for songs like “invisible man” to get attention but now that the guitar is real Jimmy Page said he will allow zeppelin if the bass and drums become real but pink Floyd the eagles and u2 just aren’t good enough for a rockband

  6. gibbs

    I think they should do a rock band british invasion and feature all the great british bands like zeppelin pink floyd deep purple maybe even like rod stewart but ther def needs 2 b some more recognition for led zeppelin

  7. Kevin

    seriously the makers of rock band and harmonix need to pull their heads out of their ass and make a Led Zeppelin rock band game for all of the fans, or sell a rock band led zeppelin track pack for ps3 and xbox 360


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