Sony reported its fiscal year 2009 (April 1- March 31) financial results today revealing an overall dip, but a surge in one particular area.

The Networked Products & Services division, where Sony Computer Entertainment sits, suffered a 10 percent dip in sales, blamed in part by exchange rates and monumentally dipping sales of its PlayStation Portable device.

Strong sales of the PS3 in 2009

Sales of the Portable dropped for 14.1 million in 2008 to 9.9 in 2009, a drop of almost a third. Despite launching the PSPgo, the latest Portable iteration, sales plummeted, leaving us to believe the $250 price tag was tad higher than most could stomach.

Not so hot.

Sony did have a bright spot on the financial sheet though. While overall Sony sales were down, the PlayStation 3 console, now $299, which sold 10.1 million units in 2008, ballooned to over 13 million in 2009 and another 15 million are projected by Sony for 2010.

And if you think I’m forgetting the elephant in the room, I’m not. Sony reportedly sold 7.3 million PlayStation 2 units in 2009, a dip for 2008’s 7.9, but still a remarkable feat for a 10 year-old system.

What will Sony show at E3 in June? As the finances indicate, PSP sales need an uptick; perhaps we’ll see that long-rumored PSP2?


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