If you feel as if the intimacy in your relationship needs a boost, this may be a solution for you. Author Lisa Pankau wrote Beyond Seduction, Loving Without Limits. Pankau says there are five types of intimacy that can be developed to create a stronger bond between couples that can last a lifetime.

According to Pankau, vulnerability is the best way to create intimacy.

"Vulnerability and intimacy are two words that create stress for most people, especially men," said Pankau. "But true love comes out of intimacy and to experience intimacy on deeper and more profound levels, one must experience vulnerability."

So what exactly are the five types of intimacy? Keep reading.

Intellectual intimacy is the process of having conversations with your partner. It sounds simple enough, but you should share your life aspirations and make plans to help each other attain those goals and dreams even if they may seem unrealistic. Another option is to have a meal together without the television or anything that may cause a distraction. Use that time to hear what is going on in your partner’s life and then share the same with him/her.

Social Intimacy is the process of sharing and enjoying what happens when you are together in public. Have a date night one night per week. Try an activity that you wouldn’t normally do, but your partner enjoys. Then ask him/her to do the same. Don’t forget that courtship never ends!

Spiritual Intimacy is the mutual understanding and respect for each others’ religious beliefs. Share your insights and inspirations for your personal and spiritual growth. Discuss how you feel about religion or spirituality.

Emotional Intimacy occurs when you can share something that makes you feel insecure or vulnerable and your partner responds with respect and kindness. Trust and confidence will cause your relationship to grow to deeper levels of love. Exchange your deepest secrets and listen to each other with an open and loving heart. Remember not to judge.

Physical Intimacy is the act of touching each other in both a non-sexual and a sexual way. Ask your partner what they would like to try and you answer the same question, and then do it. Light some candles and invite your partner to share a romantic bubble bath with you. Sip on some champagne and engage in a nice conversation in the tub.

Try these five steps and perhaps your relationship will get its spark back.

For more information and examples of each level of intimacy check out http://www.beyondseductionlovingwithoutlimits.com/

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