Those who think the era of print publications is over, might wish to reconsider. According to a report, national electronics retailer Best Buy is getting into the magazine business with its own ‘zine, @Gamer.

Video game retailer GameStop owns the hugely popular GameInformer magazine and, pending more informational details, it looks as if Best Buy wants a slice of that tasty, money-laden cake.

The magazine is titled @Gamer, and is described as the “official games magazine of Best Buy.” According to the report, noted games writer Andy Eddy (GamePro, Videogames & Computer Entertainment) is leading the charge, but whether the ‘zine is merely an exaggerated advertorial or is filled with actual editorial content, remains to be seen.

If it does turn out to be an official games magazine, I look forward to picking it up. What about you?

via Destructoid

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