Lionhead Studios, the development team behind the storied Fable series, launched a redesigned website recently, allowing fans access to the latest Fable and Lionhead news as well as the ability to jump into the conversation in forums.

The new website, which has a neat little animated graphic on its figurative ceiling, has tabs for news, games, jobs, contact information and of course a Twitter feed on the right-hand side.

New website

Hit the Community tab for a chance to join in the discussion on topics ranging from Fable III to Project Milo as well as the always entertaining Off Topic destination.

And now that we’ve learned of Lionhead’s intention to fill the Fable III world with animals, perhaps the studio will gush more informational details somewhere on the new site’s pages in the future.

Whatever Lionhead’s intentions were, the new website makes it harder to leave after  just one click, thus justifying its existence as a hype machine for Fable III. But that’s not so bad, is it?

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