Whatever results from the nasty litigious action between Infinity Ward and Activision won’t affect the other shooter out there, as Activision is plowing straight ahead with Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, today revealing in will arrive on November 9 for Nintendo Wii.

The Cold War era title, which will see players fighting through locations like Cuba, Vietnam, and the Arctic, will grace all three home consoles; the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Wii according to a report from USA Today.

No mention was made concerning the difference between console versions, so for now, consider them each version to be identical until we hear otherwise.

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  1. Matthew

    No mention of PC, so we can take it there won’t be a PV version, unless its a crappy port. Ahh well, IW and Act can shove Black Ops up their ass. I’ll save my money for Medal of Honor.

    • CJAY

      Black ops and medal of ohner are both awesome games but black ops is still looking like the best 1st person shooter game of all time,im goin out 2morrow to pick up a copy on the wii and ps3 4 both experiences, call of duty period is the best game series ever and has been before medal of ohner series made the best copy yet made recently.


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