We never said she didn’t have any talent.

Katy Perry contributed to the lyrics of the Truth & salvage Co. song “Old Piano” while sleeping on a couch.

The LA-based band, produced by Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, was casually working on a new song in the living room of James Valentine, the guitarist for Maroon 5 when Perry had her stroke of genius.

“She was dating my friend, James Valentine, who plays guitar in Maroon 5. We were up at his house one night, and she was asleep. He had a piano there, and it was late. I started playing and working on a song. I just had: You’ve been playing me like an old piano/ all the notes out of key,” said Truth & Salvage Co. member Tim Jones.”Katy woke up and said, ‘What’s that you’re playing?’ I said I was working on a new song but all I have is You’ve been playing me like an old piano/ all the notes out of key. To that she responded: Singing the right words over the wrong melody. And went back to sleep … She contributed those words.”

Fresh off a tour with The Avett Brothers, the debut album from Truth & Salvage Co. will be released on May 25. They play Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton June 30.

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