About a year ago, at the newspaper I wrote for at the time, myself and a group of peers were tasked (and it was a monumental task!) with determining, to our best ability, the top 100 video game franchises of all time.

It was a b*tch, but we got the job done.

But you don’t care about my list. The news here today is that the Guinness Book of World Records, specifically the Gamer’s Edition, a annualized manifestation of excellence in every category, has named the top 50 video game series of all time.

What franchise took home the top spot? Well, here you go.

1. Halo
2. Call of Duty
3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Guitar Hero
5. Metal Gear
6. Super Mario Bros.
7. World of Warcraft
8. Gears of War
9. Super Smash Bros.
10. Grand Theft Auto
11. Pok©mon
12. Resident Evil
13. Fallout
14. Half-Life
15. Sonic the Hedgehog
16. Counter-Strike
17. Runescape
18. FIFA
19. Kingdom Hearts
20. Final Fantasy
21. Pac-Man
22. Madden NFL
23. The Sims
24. Tomb Raider
25. WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw
26. Rock Band
27. LittleBigPlanet
28. Saints Row
29. The Elder Scrolls
30. God of War
31. GoldenEye 007
32. BioShock
33. KillZone
34. Skate
35. Left 4 Dead
36. Need For Speed
37. Chrono Trigger
38. Gran Turismo
39. StarCraft
40. Ratchet & Clank
41. Pong
42. Tom Clancy’s
43. Star Wars: Battlefront
44. Battlefield
45. Diablo
46. Lego Batman
47. Mario Kart
48. Burnout
49. Crash Bandicoot
50. Pro Evolution Soccer

Uhhh. Mario Kart at #47? What’s wrong with this world!?

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