Before I get into the meat of my review, let me preface it by telling you that I’m a card carrying Apple ballwasher of the highest order.

Yes, I’m one of “those people” who turn their nose up at anything that’s a P.C., I look forward to Steve Jobs’ press conferences like they’re the Superbowl, and I will not budge on my stance that Apple’s iPhone is the greatest cellphone ever produced, and it will never be topped by any company no matter how hard they try.

Apparently, I was very, VERY wrong.

After about a week of use, I have no doubt in my mind that the HTC Incredible is the fastest, most user friendly cellphone I’ve ever gotten my mitts on, and, it destroys my iPhone 3G.

*Feels awful for betraying my beloved, but now slow as a snail iPhone*

The HTC Incredible is so lightning fast, thanks to its 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

This means that everything, from watching YouTube videos, to sending an email, to posting on Facebook, to downloading new apps, happens almost instantaneously. And that’s WITHOUT the use of WiFi. With it, the speed of this phone is absolutely mind boggling.

Also helping this phone’s speediness, and helping me to forget about using my iPhone, is it’s software. The Incredible uses the new HTC Sense UI, and its ease of use can’t be put into words. So instead, here are some of the highlights of this operating system that I think you should know about.

  • There are SEVEN home screens. You can pinch the home screen to view “cards” of all the home screens at once. Flickr is included and can be synced with your album on the phone
  • The keyboard is awesome (more on that in a bit)
  • Flash lite is included with the browser
  • Integrated Twitter app

In regards to the HTC Incredible’s browser, it works great and renders web pages very fast. As I noted above, you DO get Flash lite, but not the full version, so don’t be surprised when every flash page that you go to doesn’t work properly. That little annoyance aside, I loved how easy everything is to use. You can “pinch-zoom” pages in as far as you want, you get a nice screen shot of bookmarked pages, and they can all be viewed in landscape or vertical configurations.

If the HTC Incredible’s speed and ease of use isn’t enough to get you salivating (and it should be) its sleek looks and feel might be the thing to convince you to purchase one. This is the thinnest smart phone I’ve ever held, and its styling is fantastic. It’s slightly curved, and rubberized on the back, adding a “grippy” feel to the phone, which is great for a klutz like me, who’s constantly dropping everything I touch.

The Incredible’s 3.7 inch, 480×800 WVGA AMOLED touch screen is also pretty bad ass. It’s super bright, very responsive, and has the perfect amount of haptic feedback.

Because of the Incredible’s responsive screen and large size, the phone’s keyboard is much easier to use than my iPhone 3G’s. It’s way faster (again, see the theme here?) and I loved how the user can hold down a key to get the “shift” row. I also liked how the manufacturer fit a comma and return key in place of a dedicated “smiley face” button. Oh, and if that’s not all cool enough, the HTC Incredible also has built in voice input on any text field, and much to my surprise, it actually works and I wasn’t able to trip it up!

And now, let’s get to the HTC Incredible’s camera.

Sorry iPhone 3G.

You’re being left in the dust, yet again. The Incredible’s camera is 8 megapixel, and has two LED flashes. The photos I took were the sharpest I’ve ever seen taken by a smart phone, and bursting with color and contrast. They’re also incredibly (pun intended) easy to take, what with the phone’s track-pad button or by simply pressing the screen. Zooming in and out, turning off the flash, and making any kind of adjustment to your snapped photo (brightness, saturation, etc..) is also a cinch, as is sending out any photo via text or email.

Oh, wait. I almost forgot — it makes phone calls, too.

For the week I used the HTC Incredible, I was reminded just how much I missed Verizon’s service, and just how shitty AT&T’s really is. I didn’t once have any issues with dropped calls, or any annoying “Can you hear me? HELLO!??” moments, like I’m wont to do with my iPhone 3G.

OK, enough gushing about this phone, and let’s just get to the bottom line. The HTC Incredible beats hell out of any other smart phone available as of this very moment.

If you’re a Verizon customer, and you’re looking to upgrade, get this phone immediately. If you’re a Verizon customer, and you’ve been seething iPhone envy, same thing. Buy it now. You’ve finally got something that’ll make a devout Apple dork like myself rethink their purchase of the once mighty iPhone.

Let this be a lesson, Steve Jobs. You’d better knock my socks off with the iPhone 4G this summer, or else I’m buying me an Incredible.

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Jim Murray is a Blast staff writer

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  1. RogerThat99

    Thank you for the honest and objective review. Many reviewers that share your love for Apple / iPhone, only criticize the Incredible. I have had mine for about a week (coming from a Blackberry) and love it.

  2. wase4711

    I am a similar iphone devotee, and, I must agree with the review here..
    After 3 years with the Iphone 3G/3GS, both locked and Jailbroken, had my doubts about this phone. But after 10 days with it, I have to say it makes the iphone look like a relic…
    Speed, customization, cool apps, multi-tasking, SPEED, solid Verizon network, and an stunningly clear screen make this the #1 smart phone on the market, bar none..
    Unless the IPhone 4G can cook dinner, or wash your car, you wont be sorry for dumping ATT and the Iphone for this thing…Even my wife can’t believe how much more fun this thing is, and how easy it is to do ANYTHING you want on it or with it.

    • Joanie

      I too am a mac user and want the iPhone but am not willing to leave Verizon. Can I easily synch my mobile me/mac mail with the Incredible or is that not so easy to do? At this point I’m considering waiting for the iPhone for Verizon. After this review, I’m thinking maybe I should not wait and just go Incredible.

      • Mike

        Joani-im an apple fanatic..iPhone,MacBook,iPod,ipad,etc. I’m leaving the iphone for the Incredible.just thought you should know that. Now to your question. Why are you shelling out $100 for mobile me when you can EASILY have your email, documents, calander, and contacts on a google cloud for free??. MAYBE you could find a way to sync your mobile to the Incredible..but why would you want to? Ditch mobile me…set up your mac to sync with google. As soon as you buy your incredible, it will mandate your gmail adress, then update your phone IMMEDIATELY, with your current contact,calendar, and mail. Hope is helps.

  3. alvaro

    The phone is really incredible except in battery life (speed, multitasking… that is the price you paid).It is extremely easy to use just yesterday i found my 5 years old kid playing with the photo application while seeing him i remind a review where they were telling how the phone has geeky style (far from it). If you use Google you will be very please, even Google docs works pretty well in the phone (but i haven’t found how to edit office documents without paying for an application). You tube works really well and you can watch cbs and some other tv shows in the app. There are a lot of useful aps in the market and i haven’t pay a dime for those. People interested in flash video will be please that works in lots of places (but not in Hulu). Banking was pretty well even if Citi doesn’t have an app i was able to use their web page and pay my bills. The 3G network in Verizon is simply fantastic my only complain is again battery life the phone is so fun that you start demanding things more appropriate to a computer. The keyboard is really unpleasant i wish they will include a physical keyboard in next generation, iPhone is as bad as well. Google goggles is absolutely amazing, specially the text recognition for business cards it is very useful. Google maps and street view it is out of this world literally, the speed is great and you can never get lost again. I found an app for the HP 48 calculator and it works perfectly it is amazing this thing makes obsolete even to buy a calculator i just hope that the genius will port octave and gnuplot to this baby. I mean, bottom line this is not a cell phone it is a fully operational computer that you can carry on in your pocket and eventually make phone calls.

    • shaneaus

      Re: the keyboard. Search for Swype online. It is AWESOME. I have a G1 and after getting used to the keyboard I really like it. However, I gave Swype a try for about a week (you have to try it for at least several days to get used to knowing where the keys are).

      NOW – I don’t ever use my PHYSICAL KB because I like Swype so much!!

  4. arthur

    i have the same question as Joanie as well as to ask if it syncs easily with itunes…..i have an iphone now which i like except for the phone part which is brutal-more dropped calls than non dropped calls– i do however like the way it easily and seamlessly syncs with itunes and my cable vision mail on my imac…. just wondering if the incredible can work as well with my imac… i have been patiently waiting for the iphone to go verizon but seriously considering the incredible phone now because of all the great reviews.. thanks.. Arthur

  5. Tim Colman

    Jim– I just wanted to say you have mastered the 1000 word tech review.

    Time to start your next life with tech haiku.

    Fine writing.

    I haven’t found a need to have a smart phone, but if I did, this would be an Incredible one to get, even with my Mac everywhere

    Good luck with Blast — whatever it is…

  6. dave

    Nice review, but for god’s sake, you need to learn the difference between “its” and “it’s”. Also, it’s “lightning”, not “lightening.”

    • Andrew de Geofroy

      That’s partly my fault, dave; I’m the Blast copy editor and I’ve been on hiatus. Thanks for pointing out the errors.

      Andrew de Geofroy is Blast Ombudsman.

  7. MPR Admin

    I have been considering the purchase of a smartphone thinking I could retire my netbook for such a device. Without a physical keyboard I have my concerns that quality phones like the Incredible and iPhone can “out and out” replace the computer. Nice review.

  8. Tony D

    My kitty was playing with my Incredible and I thought she was going to start a nuclear war, it’s that powerful. It turns out all kitty did was destroy one of Saturns small moons. I hope NASA does not notice. Do you think Kitty is in trouble? Kitty also is no longer interested in scratching the furniture chasing mice or using the litter box anymore. I had to buy a second phone because Kitty tried to kill me last time I tried to take the phone from her. OH WELL.

  9. Colbye

    I love the Incredible. It was shipped to me on May 8th, and havent been able to put it down since. I must also include, Ive never owned a smart phone before in my life, while shopping for a new camera with 8 mps I came across this phone and to be honest with you, thats all I bought it for. Now after having the phone… I will gladly tell anyone to get one. Again, this being my first SmartPhone I figured it was going to take me months to get used to and after playing with it for roughly 15 mins, I had everything down pat. Oh and the whole text to speech for txts and everything else is amazing! Forget txting and driving I just talk to my phone now!

    I started out with Alltel(2yrs) and after the conversion I got sucked into the grasp of verizons awesome network. I know one thing, after having ATT and then having Verizon, I now know who’s lying on the “weve got you covered” commericals and its not Verizon *wink*

  10. AT

    Another feature I love about these HTC Android phones is that the tactile feedback you get on the keyboard. Touch the screen and you can feel the thing pop if you’ve hit the key.

    The easy integrations with Google Maps makes for some delightful apps. I use the Footprints feature all the time to remember good restaurants and scenic places.

    Does HTC plan to make tablet computers? I hope so.

  11. Amy

    Thanks so much for this review. I just bought an Incredible today, but it’s back-ordered until June and I have to wait for it. I got tired of waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon and decided to go Droid. I’m a HUGE Apple person and turn my nose up at anything else. I have to use Verizon as my carrier, so I never could buy an iphone and have been using a Blackberry instead. I loved my BB, but they haven’t kept up with the times. I feel so much better about going ahead and purchasing the HTC Incredible now that an Apple user has given it such high praise. Here’s to hoping that time flies so I can get my hands on my new phone!

  12. kiki

    If I order my HTC incredible now, how long shod I have to wait to arrive on my address in NYC?
    please need quick answer.

  13. ben

    I ordered mine yesterday and they said it would ship by June 7th, if not sooner. I’m assuming that’s a similar timetable nationwide.

    I found this review very enlightening. Thank you.

  14. pixie

    SOOO excited about this phone. I have been waiting for my upgrade to come into effect so i can try out these droid phones. As an avid touch screen user i really am impressed by the incred. The other phones i tried were hard to get used to and left me wishing for the calibrater found on my dare (told you had to wait for 2 years). The storm push to press annoyed me to no end and the droid eirs was not responsive enough. Love the feedback and feel of the phone.
    Now all i have to do is wait for the dang thing to get here. Not so happy about the back oder of the phone in my need it now life, but antisipation makes it all the sweater

  15. Michael

    Absolutely love the HTC Incredible. I’ve never owned an iPhone, but this one blows me away. It is so fast. Buy this phone!

  16. nick n

    My friend just got this phone.. and.. where do i begin. first off it blows my iphone 3gs completely away in terms of being able to load pages we this a side by side comparison. loading, its loaded the page in 2 seconds vs the iphones 14 seconds! and this was its best time. we did this a couple of times. the RESPONSIVENESS of this phone is amazing everything feels so quick and natural again my my iphone feel clunky. I honestly new Goodle Android would catch up soon, but this is just crazy and with Android 2.2 coming for this phone in a month when we get FULL FLASH 10.01 CAPABILITY completely like on your PC.. guess google really put there work in this one. Im highly considering breaking my contract and switching now.

  17. Jr

    I’m wondering what the cute blonde pictured at the top of the review has to do with anything….. Sort of kills my concentration…. :0) What’s this review about again?? The 4G iPhone that’s about to make this HTC device not so incredible..?

  18. Michael

    Jobs better not only bring an amazing product this summer but it also better be on every carrier. Even then, the day of complete iPhone dominance is over. The dominant Google Web presence and its tight integration with Android is an advantaged that Apple and Mobile Me simply cannot match. Plus, Android can go to every website..not just those approved by Jobs. HTML5 is the future…in 3 years. Apple misses the boat on the Flash issue. Although Jobs opinion that Flash can lead to resource consumption and occasional crashes, it is still so pervasive in the web that he is simply making a fundamental mistake by ignoring. As soon as the Android Market is as big as the App Store (trust me…it will be), the iPhone’s only market advantage will be gone. Here’s to years of Android DOMINANCE!!!!

    • heather

      I am a mac user/lover…been waiting on iPhone with Verizon … should i wait? I’m leery of only touch screen keyboard – thought I wanted a qwrty key pad? How does the touch screen work as keyboard?

  19. CdnJeepChick

    CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! I’m in Canada and stuck with stupid Rogers and my 3GS for a couple more years – bet this phone will only be available through Telus/Bell. Awesome review!! I’ve never been 100% happy with my iPhone, I too am hoping OS 4.0 will make some huge improvements otherwise I’m going to have to resort to buying an unloacked/unbranded Incredible – hm I may do that anyways and give the 3GS to my kid… Cheers 🙂

  20. dswanson9136

    I had a iphone. got rid of it do to service. It was a great tool for reading with stanza. How is the incredible or the motorola droid as a reader.

  21. Let's Go Celtics!!!

    Ordered mine on June 1, was told June 22 ship date. Great reveiw!

  22. James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    As Apple should know, technology doesn’t stand still at all. This year’s tech star is next year’s dump it or lump it.

    Being the game-changer is good, but when the game is changed, you have to do something better because it changed for you, too.

    I know Apple chose AT&T for financial reasons, but it looks like that was a major mistake. It would keep me from an iPhone if I were still in the USA.

  23. Ralph

    Hey all…

    I bought the incedible back in May. Three days later, While carrying the unit in my pocket and the screen broke. The phone was the only thing in the pocket of my jeans.
    May 20, 2010, I called VZW they sent out another one which took two and half weeks. In the interim the charged my account $334 which Ithought was improper, since I had already paid for the phone.

    The replacement arrived June 8 and I returned the origical that same moment. It is now four and half weeks into this ordal and my account still shows $334 that should not be there.

    They have us by the throat so to speak. If anyone has access to people above CRM reps I would appreciate some insights on who to speak with to remedy this situation. The 611 CRM people do not have a clue, I have called over 20 times since May 20th.

    Also, the phone while flashy and full of features it only holds 9 quick dial phone numners, which I found unacceptable.

    As soon as I get my account remedied I am throwing this phone away and going back to a cell phone.

    I own Mabook Pro 17, the first iMac 24 and the new iMac 27. Love Mac, but these phones for me are more aggravting than convenient.

    I have enjoyed all the posts and am glad there are Incedibe uses that are getting some enjoyment from their computer/cellular device… I wish it worked for me.



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