If you’re already familiar and tired of the fairly normative gametypes Bungie has offered you thus far in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, today should be a breath of fresh air for you, as Bungie will unleash its most ambitious gametype to date today.

That’s right, it’s May 7 and  ‘Invasion’ will go live some time today.

Invasion pits Spartans versus Elites and is, very simply, similar to Bad Company 2‘s Rush mode where areas are unlocked as the game progresses. In Reach though, as you progress through the ‘tiers,’ you’ll gain access to new and more powerful weapons as well as vehicles and more.

Still too confusing? Here’s a video showing what to expect.

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  1. YESS!

    Finally! I’ve been wanting to see how this new game type works!

  2. AAron

    i find playing the elites to be much more fun. Their roll can be pretty affective. Makes much more sense to make them stronger. In the other games they could take out multiple marines.


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