If you’re thinking about pre-ordering the upcoming band-specific music game, Green Day: Rock Band, specifically its “Plus” version, you may want to mull this over.

The “Plus” version will run you $69.99 and comes with a token to download and export all 47 Green Day tunes to your Rock Band library as well as six free DLC tracks (six songs not included on the disc from the band’s most recent album, 21st Century Breakdown) from the Music Store. Sounds wonderful, right?

Maybe not.

An associate GameStop store manager sent us an image this morning revealing the retailer’s intention of bundling the export token for the standard, $59.99, version of the game, provided you pre-order it.

So, by reserving the standard edition of the game, you save $10, receive the free export code for all 47 tunes, and can use the $10 you saved to by any of the six “free” songs you wish, making the “Plus” version of the game pretty much worthless.

Update: A quick check of GameStop.com reveals the above is true and reserving the standard edition gets you the free export code, but not the songs.

Thank you, Harmonix.

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  1. Jon

    Sure, this is true–but that doesn’t make the Plus edition a rip-off. If you get the GameStop deal (a limited time pre-order offer) and then purchase the six songs individually, you’ll likely end up spending a little more than $10 extra (Rock Band songs are $2 apiece); the Plus edition is just a convenience.

  2. Luis

    True as that may be, I’d much rather get the ‘plus’ version to get the 6 songs and export key. Why? Because a PlayStation card is $20 then I’d have to spend $11 of those dollars on the songs.

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