Although EA has thus far declined to comment on it, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) has quoted a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team official as saying that all teams from the league have been asked to supply images of their rinks and sweaters to EA Sports Vancouver.

There are several other notable Canadian Junior Hockey Leagues not mentioned in the story, but one would assume that if EA Vancouver is doing one, they’re probably doing a couple of them or more.  Those EA Sports guys are typically pretty thorough. Most hockey fans will know that this inclusion is significant because these leagues usually represent the best young hockey being played in  the world. In fact, the NCAA considers it professional. However, the salaries are far lower than what anyone in America would consider ‘pro sports wages.’

Having these leagues in the game will go the longest way toward deepening career and franchise mode play but will also give more casual players the chance to introduce themselves to some incredible young hockey players. I imagine once you get good enough to start beating your friend’s NHL teams with Junior Hockey league teams, then you’ll really be having some fun.

Source: Kotaku

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