Online mega-retailers GameStop and Amazon today listed a new Xbox 360 Arcade bundle, revealing a system and two Rare games for the standard $200 price to play.

The 2010 Spring Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle is, reportedly due out later this week, and will sell for $200 when it does release.

Spring Bundle

The bundle includes an Xbox 360 Arcade system, which has no hard drive but 256 MB of internal storage, as well as a controller and two Rare games.

Inside the box will be the family friendly Viva Pinata and the adventure game Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Both games received high critical marks when they released, making this bundle, for new Xbox 360 adopters, highly accessible and exciting.

GameStop has the bundle pegged for a May 5 release and Amazon at May 7, both dates this week.

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