There are a lot of bad people out there. A whole lot, actually. Celebrities pale in comparison to most of them, but let’s be honest, they’re much more fun to watch. Rich, pretty and talented (but not necessarily all three) people are regularly screwing up on a national and global stage. Most of it is forgivable, some of it isn’t, but all of it makes roll our eyes and shake out heads. And so because we can never get enough of captivating train wreck that is fame, here are the top 10 worst people in Hollywood (in no particular order).

Chris Brown

Everyone has pretty much moved on from the Chris Brown drama. It was a lot harder for Rihanna to move on, though, and that’s why Brown is one of the worst people in Hollywood. The seemingly squeaky clean R&B singer was arrested for and convicted of assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna before the 2009 Grammy’s. He’s since tried to clean up his image by apologizing and laying low, but after the world saw photos of Rihanna’s facial bruises, he’s not likely to succeed.

Tiger Woods

He may not technically be in Hollywood, but Tiger Woods is a major celebrity. Unfortunately, that celebrity has only recently reached Hollywood status with the revelation that he’s cheated on wife Elin Nordegren countless times. The number is certainly ambiguous, since a steady stream of hotties have claimed they’re among the ranks, but estimates are around 20. Not only is that a horrible thing to do to Elin, it’s a terrible thing that his baby son Charlie will have to reckon with someday. Of course, he’s apologized and tried to scrape up some dignity by returning to golf, but it’s fairly certain he’ll never live this down. A cheater is scum; a cheater times 20-something … there aren’t appropriate words for that.

Kate Gosselin

This woman just can’t control herself. She didn’t get off to a great start as the bitchy wife and slightly unfit mother of eight of “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” Her children became her ticket to fame, and she paraded them around endlessly. The country collectively shifted its hatred to Jon Gosselin after the couple split, but she hasn’t stopped being a greedy attention-whore. She recently appeared on — and even more recently voted off of — “Dancing With the Stars.” Rumor also has it Kate will have her own new show on TLC, without Jon or the kids. Thanks for ditching that awful hair Kate, but you probably shouldn’t ditch your children too.

Jon Gosselin

The Gosselins are probably the most obnoxious former-couple out there. Knowing that, it’s particularly nauseating that Jon has actually managed to sink way lower than Kate. He started off as the bitchy Kate’s push-over husband and everyone felt a little bit bad for the guy. Then suddenly, they were on the brink of divorce and the world realized he definitely deserved what he got from Kate. Since their split, he’s very publicly been with younger, trashy women. For some unfathomable reason, he began to see himself as a playboy, and acted like one. Nevermind that he’s an unattractive, still married father of eight — he ditched the family for parties and ladies (a term used extremely loosely here). He allegedly drained the couple’s bank account last October and the nanny said she was sleeping with him. Now he’s battling over money and custody with Kate … as if either of them wants the kids anymore.

Spencer Pratt

It’s rare to hear or read the name Spencer Pratt without it being accompanied by “tool,” “douchebag,” “asshole,” or “prick.” Unfortunately for Spencer and everyone who has to interact with him (or even watch him on TV), these descriptors are all very accurate. He just can’t keep his mouth shut, and it just keeps spewing obnoxious nonsense. In the past year or so, he’s continued to be the resident evildoer on “The Hills,” made a stink over tough conditions on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,” boasted he’d be the next big rapper (what ever happened with that, Spencer?), and been fired as his own wife’s manager. Ouch. The list could go on, but really, why bother? Spencer Pratt isn’t worth that much thought.

Heidi Montag

If Jon and Kate are the most obnoxious former-couple in Hollywood, Spencer and Heidi are definitely the most obnoxious couple. Marrying Spencer and being a bad friend and person on “The Hills” was pretty bad. Then she joined her hubby in throwing a ridiculous fit over “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” Then she fired him as her manager. She released an album (who knew?) that only sold 658 in it’s first week, and her body is as fake as her personality. It’s only fitting that she join her equally stupid husband on this list.

Kanye West

It seems like everyone either loves or hates Kanye, and arguments for both side are reasonable. Overall, he’s really not so bad, but the “interrupting Kanye” incident gave the haters plenty of fuel. When he snatched the microphone from sweet, 19-year-old country girl Taylor Swift during his acceptance speech at the 2009 VMA’s and proclaimed that Beyonce had “one of the best videos of all time,” poor Taylor and the rest of the country was stunned. Several humble and occasionally tearful apologies followed, but it’s a bit hard to move on from a grown man ruining the biggest moment in the life and career (so far) of a 19-year-old girl. And as a result, everyone had to deal with endless “interrupting Kanye” jokes and memes for months. He’s not as bad as most of the others on this list, but he definitely earned a spot.

Paris Hilton

Paris has faded from the celebrity gossip scene a bit, but she’s still out there, reeking havoc on Hollywood. She’s been humiliating and degrading dumb, fame-hungry girls (and even a few guys) on “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” for two seasons. She threw a fruit and a serious tantrum at a girl who was talking to ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. Oh yeah, and remember when she went to prison for drunk driving with a suspended license? True, every celebrity seems to be driving drunk, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong. And honestly, this girl is a whole lot of wrong.

Perez Hilton

How fitting that Perez should fall onto this list with his (sort of) namesake. Perez is mostly harmless, though definitely annoying. What earned him a spot on this list, though, is his battle with Will.I.Am. The Black Eyed Peas star assaulted Perez when Perez called him a faggot, and there are a few problems with that. First of all, Perez is using a derogatory term for a group of people he belongs with. Really? That’s either some serious self-loathing or just plain stupid — probably both. Then, Perez decided to publicly whine about it as if he were a victim, especially when GLAAD called for an apology. So for insulting his own kind and helping to perpetuate the use of “faggot,” Perez is one of the worst people in Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan

Poor LiLo. She’s last on this list for a reason, actually. It’s just too hard to tell when to hate her and when to feel bad for her. Either way, this girl is the definition of “hot mess” and has earned a tentative spot on this list. She was busted drunk driving, involved in a car chase on the PCH, accused of stealing jewelry from a photo shoot, and accused of stealing a formula for tanning lotion and selling it as her own. Her mom told the world she cuts her wrists and her dad has to be kept at a safe distance. Her probation since the DUI incident was extended because the judge felt she was still out of control. Her very public break up with Sam Ronson showed her to be a crazy ex-girlfriend. Most recently, she was fired from “The Other Side.” There’s surely a lot more, but the gist is that Lindsay is an irresponsible, emotionally unstable alcoholic who wasted her talent. It’s not always possible to tell when we should feel bad and when we should be disgusted, but there’s just enough of both to land her here. Sorry, Lindsay.

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  1. WTF

    Ok now Why the hell is Chris brown on this list. That shit happened over a YEAR ago GTFOI Rhianna couldnt move on cuz she was still in love hell she still is have u noticed that her boyfriend looks a lot like CHRIS so LEAVE IT GO!!!!!!!

  2. SpeterMan3

    Umm Rihanna moved on way before everyone else did… Because she has and everyone else hasn’t. Unlike her, everybody else is still bashing Chris every chance they get. There’s barely anything about him that’s even neutrally written, never mind positive.


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