As if Rock Band music-gamers didn’t already have enough Gwen Stefani to shake a microphone to, Harmonix and MTV Games today announced next week’s Rock Band DLC tunes naming No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom album the songs in question.

Most of the album’s singles, you know, the popular ones “Just a Girl,” “Excuse Me Mr.,” “Spiderwebs,” Sunday Morning” and “Don’t Speak,” are already available in the Rock Band store. But next week Harmonix adds the “deep cuts,” to complete the album.

Oh, one song each  from Orianthi and Picture Me Broken are also arriving next week. Here’s the full list.

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 system (May 4):

No Doubt — "Different People" +
No Doubt — "End It on This" +
No Doubt — "Happy Now?" +
No Doubt — "Hey You" +
No Doubt — "Sixteen" +
No Doubt — "The Climb" +
No Doubt — "Tragic Kingdom" +
No Doubt — "World Go ‘Round" +
No Doubt — "You Can Do It"
Orianthi — "According to You" +
Picture Me Broken — "Dearest (I’m So Sorry)" *

+ available in the LEGO: Rock Band music store

* 99 cent song

If you didn’t notice, next week marks the first week that songs have arrived in all three system’s respective Music Stores on the same day. Awesome!

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