Realtime Worlds and Electronic Arts today announced a release date and business model for the living, breathing, open-world action MMO, All Points Bulletin.

The game will come to PC exclusively June 29 in North America, and July 1 and 2 overseas, depending where you are across the pond.

The second  half of the announcement is the more intriguing component. Electronic Arts will sell the game, in box at retail for $49.99. The first 50 hours are on the house. After that, however, you can still play in the game’s social sector free of charge, but if you want more, it’ll run you $6 for 20 hours, or 30 days unlimited for $9.99. Discounts for 90 and 180 day increments will be available as well.

The game looks certainly exciting, I sure hope my PC can run it!

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