conducted a survey polled over 2,500 men and women asking “what’s the honeymoon period on a car.” The survey revealed that the honeymoon stage lasts three-times longer for women than for men. Men only averaging 4 months before caution went out the window. I fall somewhere between the 4 month and 2 year mark. I can’t say if I could ever love a car longer than 2 years because I’ve never owned the same one for that long but it could happen. Maybe.

I am guilty of most occurrences mentioned in the survey:

Parking around other cars – at two weeks old my car was backed into while in a parking garage. After that, front row at the grocery store not even flinching when a cart was rammed against the car.

Transporting sporting equipment – or in my case boogie and skim boards, bikes, scooters, and sand covered beach toys not limited to shovels and buckets.

Less frequent car cleaning – Murphy’s law, it rains after I wash so why bother? If I recall, the last time my car was washed was back in January. I think…

High-payment starts to bother – I knew it sucked before I even left the dealership but when a C-Class commercial comes on and is offered for less then what I pay now, a feeling of disgust forms in my stomach.

No more fights over who drives on long trips – I take full advantage of the fact my boyfriend has a new vehicle which he loves to drive. You’ll never hear me complain pulling up to valet on the passenger side, I’m a sucker for having my door opened.

Letting spouse drive the car – With my last car, the timing of letting my then boyfriend drive the truck and my lack of love ironically did occur at the same time. Sadly, no one has drove the current car that I can recall nor would I even care if they did.

Starts car-pooling other kids – What is a faster way to destroy the interior of any car? Two kids under the age of 5 add to the mix another and you can forget ever driving a crumb free car. Not long after taking my car in for service the first time, started the car-pooling started. Hmmm.

Eating in the car – not ever realizing this was a sign of lack of love but not eating the car lasts just about as long as me telling my children they can only eat on the tile floors because they will ruin the carpet but as we know silence is golden and while eating at the dinner table, in their bedrooms or the backseat of the car, we appreciate it regardless of the mess that will without a doubt occur.

Putting make-up on while driving – I am not quite sure how this means I no longer like my car but I appreciate cars with visors that include lights that allow for last minute touch-ups. Are you listening Nissan?!

Leaves clothes in the car – currently there are at least three pairs of shoes, a couple shirtrior of the car not including whatever has overflowed into the trunk. Often the shoes get removed to drive (heels and manual transmissions are not really compatible) and depending on everything else I have to carry upstairs get left behind. Plus, who knows when I just might need to do a shoe switch. It’s not about being lazy and not cleaning my car out, it’s about staying prepared! Much like the center console full of peanut butter crackers and raisins…

Starts smoking in the car – I love the new car smell. Nothing will take that quicker then smoke. It permeates the headliner, the seats, the carpet, no matter how many windows are down and the roof open; it lingers. Let’s be honest, smoker or not, getting into a car that reeks is not appealing. I am guilty of the occasional obviously when I am not driving the gang around in the backseat but since that is next to never, I avoid doing it.

Other – My own personal honeymoon period always comes to an end the moment the car needs to go in for service. My current car no exception, less than a two months old it had been in twice for the same issue. The disgust then formed and now I regrettably hate being behind the wheel of the car at any point. Brand new should not equal frequent trips to the dealership within the first two years. FOR ANYTHING.

The people that drive the same car for 10+ years are strange breed to me that I am almost certain I could not possibly ever have anything in common with. "Generally drivers living a leasing lifestyle have a shorter honeymoon period with their car," said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and Founder of

Guess who will be leasing her next car? ‘Tis me!

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