It’s mass hysteria.


Oceania — and the rest of the world — is absolutely wild about Justin Bieber.

The 16-year-old pop star canceled a concert in Sydney this week after the crowd began to surge and several young girls were injured and nearly crushed. Then at the airport in Auckland, New Zealand today, where Bieber had flown for promotional appearances, a crazed crowd swarmed him and knocked his mother down.

“Finally got to New Zealand last night,” he tweeted after landing. “The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people … I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans but if you are all pushing security won’t let me.”

According to TVNZ, 17-year-old Emah Hira Matiu admitted that she stole Bieber’s prized Yankees cap. She’s holding for “ransom.” She wants a hug.

According to MTV, Matiu tweeted: “I just reached my hand through a massive crowd of screaming teenage girls and big arse police guys and took it right off his head,” she said. “Then shoved it down my shirt … got trampled … and then I ran away.”

After the airport craziness, police canceled a meet and greet with 500 of Bieber’s fans who had wanted more than four hours to see the star, MTV reported.

The hat thief would later return the stolen goods. No hugs.

“Sorry, u can’t hold me ransom. I got my hat back. No hugs. No thanks u’s. Just glad they did the right thing. I don’t condone thievery!! Haha,” Bieber Tweeted.

Here’s a gallery of Bieber arriving in Australia:

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  1. Kayla

    i think Justin Bieber is amazing. but, i wouldn’t attack him or anything if i saw him, i would go up to him and talk cool. he’s a great guy :] people just need to chill out, and GIVE HIM SOME SPACE 🙂 just saying.


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