“Iron Man” was huge in 2008. “Iron Man 2” is going to be huge in 2010.

And Robert Downey Jr. says you should bank on “Iron Man 3” coming afterward.

“Iron Man 2,” which comes out this weekend, has a chance to unseat “Dark Knight” for the biggest opening weekend ever. After that, Marvel and its Disney owners have a busy few years with a Captain America movie and “Thor” next year and “The Avengers” in 2012. But Downey Jr. told MTV that Iron Man 3 will definitely be made at some point.

What do you think? Wanna see more “Iron Man?” Drop us come comment love.

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  1. John Cho

    Having a third movie might be a little too overwhelming. I am really excited for the second sequel of Iron Man but I feel like the plot is a bit similar to the first movie. Villain gets jealous about Ironman’s powers… builds something which can supposedly counter Iron Man’s suit… Ends up losing.

  2. Anthony

    Cho said what I was basically going to say 🙁

    But even though it might be pretty predictable, it’s still sure to be entertaining as hell.


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