Rockstar Games have huge hopes for their upcoming wild west third-person action game Red Dead: Redemption.

While details surrounding the game’s campaign have remained largely under wraps, its multiplayer, which we already knew a little about, today is exposed further.

Today’s trailer, narrated in an intriguing History Channel type manner, speaks at length about game-modes, weapons and everything else you could want to know about multiplayer in Red Dead: Redemption.

What might be most exciting about multiplayer is the way matches can start; with Mexican standoffs. In this beginning moment, you’ll stand in a circle, around your foes, fire your pistols at each other, and who’s left standing gets a head start in the game to to anything they wish, but as Rockstar reminds us, should probably head to a great sniper lookout.

Game-types mentioned in the trailer are numerous and include “Shootout” (deathmatch), “Gang Shootout” (team deathmatch) as well as a slew of other objective types like “Hold Your Own” Grab Your Bag” and “Gold Rush.”

Red Dead: Redemption comes to Xbox 360 and PS3 May 18.

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