Apparently getting attention for infidelity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Rachel Uchitel is complaining that she’s having a hard time meeting men, thanks to her very public relationship with married golf pro, Tiger Woods.  Her solution, according to a TMZ Exclusive, is to have a reality TV show find a single (yes single this time), man for her.

She was recently spotted in a Vegas dance studio prepping for a possible spot on the next season of "Dancing With the Stars".  But this new opportunity means we might be seeing her do more than dance in the coming months.

Sources say while in LA recently, she and her producing crew (including Scott Jeffress of “Jersey Shore” fame) were pitching networks including E!, Lifetime, Oxygen and VH1 to pick up “Romancing Rachel”, a reality TV show a la “The Bachelorette”, to find her a suitable mate.  E! and Lifetime have politely declined while Oxygen and VH1 still seem to be considering it.

Will Rachel be able to find true love on national TV? Or will "Romancing Rachel" end up with the likes of "Flavor of Love"? Thanks to her Tiger-ized fame, we may just get to find out.

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  1. Carmen

    This Uchitel woman loves media attention and she cannot stand to be out staged from the limelight by Tiger’s other mistresses. So every now and then she finds a way to come into the media again, now by trying to get into Dancing with the Stars. I read that Uchi –Uterus has been trying to repair her W-H-O-R-E image because she is desperately hoping ($$$$) to get back with Tiger as soon as he is divorced or even before if she can. She wants to remains visible sending Tiger the message that she is out there still waiting. I also read that Gloria Allred may have used Jostlyn James to sabotage the reconciliation of Tiger and Elin to benefit Rachel. As you can see there is great incentive ($$$$) and interest here for these shameless, immoral women. Time will tell.

  2. Jasper

    Awesome first blog Brittany Flynn! Keep the celebrity gossip coming. I’ll be checking back soon & hope to find a new blog full of juicy celeb gossip!

  3. Emily

    If Rachel wants to gain back credibility for not being a fame-seeking, home wrecker (not saying she is necessarily, but it is her image) does she really think that the reality show route is the right path to take? What percentage of reality relationships are successful? The evidence speaks for itself, sounds like she is just trying to cash-in on an already pretty sad situation. Don’t make it worse Rachel, let the the limelight fade naturally, otherwise you’ll just burn out like the rest!


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