No one on Earth, except the secretive folks at Blizzard, know when Starcraft II will release, but the closed beta for it opens to the masses today, thanks to everyone’s favorite videogame retailer GameStop.

The retailer is handing out beta keys to anyone slapping down $5 to reserve the title in-store or online.

If you want it right now, hop, skip or jump over to your local GameStop and reserve it. If you’re slightly more patient, head to the game’s GameStop listing and you’ll have the code e-mailed to you within 24 hours. Either way, once you have your key, you cannot cancel the pre-order, so choose wiesely.

The game’s been in closed beta since February, available to a select few. That changes today and if you’ve been clamoring for it, now’s your chance.

Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty @ GameStop

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  1. Anthony

    I love Warcraft 3, which apparently means I’ll love this too. I don’t know though…


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