This summer, next month actually, Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time, comes to theaters nationwide. Might it be the videogame movie adaptation to succeed? Or might it fail..miserably?

Either way, a LEGO Prince of Persia is on the way as well, but not how you’d expect.

Sorry, this isn’t a LEGO: Prince of Persia announcement, rather the trailer for a LEGO Prince of Persia block set. You know, the actual blocks?

Man, would LEGO: Prince of Persia be fun! Hopefully it gets made eventually.

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  1. TokyoRed

    I trust that this is simply a sign of things to come. I know LEGO wouldn’t pass up such a wonderful opportunity as this. If there were to be a LEGO Prince of Persia Video Game it’d sell faster than LEGO Indiana Jones The Video Game did.

    I sure hope LEGO will produce a LEGO Prince of Persia game. Perhaps they are waiting to announce it next month. Let us hope so.


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