A Western Massachusetts teen charged in the bullying of 15-year-old Phoebe Prince who committed suicide earlier this year has been arrested for drunk driving.

According to the Springfield Republican newspaper,  Austin Renaud, 18, was arrested early Sunday morning in Holyoke and charged with operating under the influence.

He was released on $40 bail and is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday in Holyoke District Court.

Renaud previously pleaded not guilty to statutory rape in the Prince bullying case. He is one of six teens charged in the case.

Prince hanged herself January 14 after what Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel called “unrelenting” bullying.

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  1. Lin McKay

    First he is charged for statutory rape and now DUI and he is only 18. Is this guy on a crash course to add more tragedy to his life. He is batting zero. I am sure it will be blamed on the stress he is feeling being charged with rape but, hey, you do the crime you do the time!

  2. Patrick DeBoard

    Absurd… if he is guilty of rape, then more than 50% of all high school students are guilty of rape, both male and female. are we going to arrest every other person in the country? this rape charge is for the DA to make some kind of point, and that is illegal. let it be said that it started here: “Free the South Hadley Nine!” 🙂

    • salamander

      Ignorant man, you should be ashamed of yourself and keep your idiotic mouth shut. Half the teens in this country? Fool. You probably don’t have children, for which we are all grateful, if you did you would realize how absurd and offensive your comments are. Let the courts decide what is fitting punishment. This OUI charge shows exemplifies the lack of respect this accused RAPIST has for the law. Awaiting a court date for rape, and drinking underage and driving. You, sir, are a fool.

    • mary

      So you’re saying taking advantage of 14 is OK???????????? Love that you’re so candid! Please stay 200 yards away from any child! You’re positively sick…

  3. jdude40

    I am writing this late, but hopefully, when this goes to trial, this blog will become active again. I just visited a blog similar to this, and I will say the same thing here that I said on that one. In every blog concerning this case, there is at least one idiot who posts inflamatory things, not because he/she believes them, but purely to make people angry. The idiot on this blog is obviously Patrick DeBoard. People like this suffer from pathological stupidity and the need for attention. Making people angry makes them feel important. If you respond to any more of this idiot’s postings, he will surely be amused and continue to write similar postings, because he knows that he can manipulate you. Patrick, do everyone a favor and go choke to death on a big dick so we don’t have to be distracted by your childish attempts to get attention.

  4. Patrick DeBoard

    Simply “google” for statistics on how many kids have had sex with other kids by the time they graduate high school. It is roughly 50%.

    By the way, Mary, my comment has 3 sentences. In which of those sentences did I say that taking advantage of 14 year-olds is OK? I looked and looked, and did not see it.


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