A Russian father who revoked his son’s videogame privileges after the boy played an online game for an entire week (imagine that), will have to hope that prison rehabilitates his son since he will no longer have the chance. After taking away his son’s keyboard, the clueless father went to sleep. The 14-yr-old then took the opportunity to find the family sledgehammer and do the  man in with 2 quick blows to the head.

The boy’s mother was also in the house during the killing. Rightly fearing for her life as well, she returned the keyboard promptly. The boy went on to play his game(s) for a couple more hours – with his recently deceased father lying in a bloodbath upstairs – before he finally fell asleep and police came to pick him up.

This story does raise my BS meter a little bit. The fact that it came out of Australia doesn’t help. As in any case like this, my gut says this family had problems that ran a little bit deeper than just videogames. The report says the boy had no criminal record and can be charged with murder under Russian law.

No word yet on what the teen was playing, but the smart money is on WOW, especially considering the hammer kill. Doubtful he’ll be doing too much leveling-up in the gulag, however…

Source: G4

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