Kick-Ass” is excellent.

There are no A-listers in the film, but it’s a fantastic piece with comic book action and tons of quirks.

Sometimes, despite a movie’s quality, the quantity of dollars just isn’t there. That’s what happened this weekend when “Kick-Ass” failed to meet its $25-$30 million opening weekend predictions, and took the No. 2 hold at just under $20, behind another week of Dragon lore.

The opening weekend disappointment is already leading to speculation that the hinted-at sequel to “Kick-Ass” won’t be made.

“Kick-Ass” was directed by Matthew Vaughn and stars Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz.

Comic Book writer Mark Millar is working on a comic sequel, but we’re not sure if it’s going to turn into a movie. The next few weeks will be crucial.

Did you see “Kick-Ass?” What did you think? Do you want to see a sequel? Leave comments, damn you!

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  1. m4nm4n

    Bad, BAD, BAAD marketing prior to it’s release. Infact, it wasn’t all bad, so much as lacking, if not absent.

  2. Choler

    I just love how the media pretends they are the ones calling the shots. Bottom line, it is the studio that decides whether a sequel will be made, not what the papers say. If they think a sequel is worthwhile, they will do it, regardless of what others say. Kick ass cost 30 million and now it’s made 41 million, and this is only in the first week of release here. It’s far too soon to speculate.

  3. Zac

    I loved the Kick-ass film. I’m pretty sure everyone else did who saw it. The reason they never made there $25 million mark is because it was not advertised enough. I only saw one advert on the side of a bus stop. But they should make a sequal, that’s better…if possible.

  4. Mike

    I loved the movie and i think that there will be a sequal hopefully for 2012


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