When the multiplayer beta for Bungie’s “Halo: Reach” drops in just a few short weeks on May 3, gamers won’t have the luxury of employing Halo 3’s multipurpose bubble shields or the ability to dual wield weapons.

Can't do it!

The news comes from this week’s episode of GameTrailersTV. A Bungie representative said the two features were cut so as to streamline the multiplayer experience.

Also in the show is the first look at Reach’s Invasion mode, a gametype Bungie has kept largely a secret.

Invasion pits Spartans versus Elites and is, very simply, similar to Bad Company 2’s Rush mode where areas are unlocked as the game progresses.

Check out the entire episode, with lots and lots more information, embedded below.

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  1. Joe

    halo reach is going to be good… and i dont really care that you cant duel wield… that was useless and i dont care about bubble shields either.

    • darkchicken

      spoken like a gamer who really doesn’t understand how to use them, for the rest of us who do however, it kind of killed the gameplay for us. There was nothing more satisfying then sideswiping a BR weilding player,

  2. lukemantis

    I totally agree. Spartan 3’s arent supposed to be as big or strong as the chief. Double wielding was only useful against the flood anyway, and since there arent any flood in reach – we don’t need it.


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