Can we now say we’re burdened with an overabundance?

Boondock Saints fanatics, rejoice. After a 10 year dearth, the recent string of output from the franchise is certainly a welcome surprise for the fanbase whose enthusiasm for the franchise has led to its luminary cult status.

On the heels of the recent DVD release of "Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day," two additional announcements have come out of Camp Saints.

First, the soundtrack that played such a vital role in the second movie is now available on the Boondock Saints website, as well as Hot Topic, FYE, iTunes and Amazon, and will be hitting the shelves of other major retailers soon. The soundtrack features contributions from writer/director Troy Duffy’s brother, Taylor, as well as Kid Rock-endorsed (for whatever that’s worth) recording artist Ty Stone, and an exquisitely tasteful Sean C track called "Balls Deep."

Second, a taster for the upcoming comic series, "The Boondock Saints: In Nomine Patris," called "The Lost Gig" has been released for the iPad and in plain-old comic book form everywhere. The comic was actually written by Troy Duffy, and features the MacManus brothers and every Saints fan’s favorite shaggy sidekick, Rocco as they wreak havoc in a whole new storyline, meant to take place right before the Saint’s famous courtroom encounter with Vincenzo.

Let the capitalization of a beloved franchise begin.

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  1. Missy Cole

    ***spoilers for those who are sticklers about a 10 yr old spoilers***

    FYI, the courtroom encounter was NOT with Vincenzo. He was the guy taken out at the Sin Bin. The execution in the courtroom was Papa Joe Yakavetta.


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