Believe it or not, the sequel to the wildly successful interplanetary Mario game, “Super Mario Galaxy 2,” hits shelves in about a month on May 23.

So far, Nintendo has told us Yoshi will be in the game and Mario will have lots of powerups available to him. We’ve seen Rock Mario, but the Japanese game maker introduces gamers to Cloud Mario today.

The teaser image below leads us to believe Mario, with the powerup equipped, will be able to generate clouds in a step-by-step fashion, which could be very useful actually.

Cloud Mario

How do you think the powerup will work? Or how do you want it to work?

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  1. Callum

    Simply, Player 1 (You) Will Draw A Line Anywhere On The Level, Then That Line Will Become Clouds for You To Step On. This Will Help To get to High Places.


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