Many of us as kids read comics or watched superhero films and, after escaping into these worlds would want to have superhero powers ourselves; this film is born of that notion.

Young and somewhat overlooked highschool student Dave Lizewski has a massive love for comics. Bored with his life and the day to day pressures of school, he decides to become a superhero himself, though with no training and no actual powers it might be a bit tougher than he assumes.

Kick-Ass strips us to the bare bone of human capability as when a fight scene occurs, Dave (now known as “Kick-Ass”) doesn’t just beat everyone up with one punch like Batman, he takes a good couple of punches himself before he just about wins the fight. The sense of realism this film brings is one of the coolest aspects of it.

Directed by:Matthew Vaughn
Starring:Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Nicholas Cage
Rated: R

As the film progresses, we see Dave Lizewski falling for his high school crush. Yes, this may be your standard "superhero gets the untouchable girl plot" but in Kick-Ass, he does it in an interesting way; at first he pretends to be gay just so he can hang out with her, but when he reveals his true identity, she immediately falls for him. This whole "romantic" side of the film was just as funny as the rest of it, making for a perfect balance of different genres.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“McLovin” from Superbad) does play a similar kind of character in all of his roles, but hey, he’s brilliant at it. Acting as Dave‘s eventual rival “Red Mist,” who gives us some memorable superhero puns, he adds a necessary backbone to the film, creating a fun atmosphere. And hurrah! Nicolas Cage is finally back in good films: Wicker Man? Ghost Rider? I think we’ll be happy to let those bad memories go after this outstanding performance as ‘Big Daddy’.

There’s a hint at a sequel right at the end, and every single person who watches this will be up for the return of Kick-Ass. Sequels are always challenging, yes, but with a plot that can really go anywhere and be original at the same time, a Kick-Ass number two will be welcomed with open arms.

You could describe this film as a superhero-comedy-action flick. At times you might feel like you’re in a Kill Bill movie as you see the young child, “Hit Girl,” cutting people to bits. At other times you will be submerged into a romantic or comedy scene, always keeping you hooked.

When I hear someone in the audience laughing while shouting I know that a film is going to be a favourite with many people. Check it out, I loved it, and this film is definitely what it says on the tin, kick-ass!

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