Admit it: You’re a Gleek, too.

After season one of Fox’s smash hit “Glee” conquered the small screen, I was nervous it could be a one-season wonder. If tonight’s episode was any indication of the season to come, then my fellow Gleeks and I will be happily singing along, loving to hate Coach Sylvester and captivated by endless love triangles all season long.

Sue Sylvester, captain of McKinley’s cheerleading squad, the Cheerios, and everyone’s favorite villain is back after a short suspension (Ended by a roofie and some compromising photos of her and the Principle) to make Glee Club director Will Schuster’s life a living hell. As promised in the Season One finale, he is "about to board the Sue Sylvester train, destination: horror!" Her mission: stop Schuester and the Glee Club from taking Regional’s.

The students’ assignment was to perform songs with "Hello" in the title fueled by Mr. Schuester saying hello to a new relationship with ridiculously endearing, wide-eyed Guidance Counselor Emma Pillsbury. But is Will ready for a commitment after his messy break-up last season?

At the beginning of the episode, it would seem that Glee Clubs female star Rachel, the adorable and tremendously talented outcast of McKinley High, had everything she ever wanted — a win at Sectionals, and most importantly she is girlfriend to the object of her teenage affection: the hot star athlete and costar of the Glee Club, Finn.

Sylvester sees this as the perfect opportunity to sabotage the group and has her two hottest, albeit stupidest, cheerleaders try to seduce Finn.

Finn takes the bait and finds his inner ‘rock star’ singing "Hello, I Love You" by the Doors. Rachel retaliates with her version of "Gives You Hell" by the All-American Rejects. Rachel is quickly over Finn when she finds herself at a piano singing "Hello" by Lionel Richie with Jesse Saint James, the super hunky male lead of a competing Vocal Group, Vocal Adrenaline. The members of Glee suspect foul play is afoot which forces Rachel to keep their "love" secret.

Schuesters romance with Emma takes an awkward turn for the worse when he finds out she still has her "V Card" and she starts realizing he’s still not over his ex wife. Schuester confronts the director of Vocal Adrenaline, played by ridiculously talented Broadway star Idina Menzel, about the possibility of Jesse Saint James spying on Glee Club via Rachel. The two of them end up passionately making out on his couch, which then leads to the break up of possibly the cutest TV couple of all time; Emma and Will.

The episode ends with the Glee cast in their full choreographed glory performing "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles. So what’s next? Will Rachel realize Jesse’s ulterior motives? Will Will and Emma work it out? Will Sylvester take down Glee? One things for sure, I know what I’ll be watching next Tuesday night. I unabashedly admit it — I am a full-blown Gleek!

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