Rockstar Games whispered in our ear today, letting us know a Facebook game in the world of Red Dead: Redemption arrived on the massive social networking hot-spot.

It’s called Gunslingers and Rockstar is touting it as an “action-RPG experience” where players can “duel friends, frenemies, foes, and everyone in between.” Additionally, in it you’ll be able to play as any of the game’s three classes; Outlaw, Fast Hands, and Sharpshooter and collect “dozens” of achievements, because everyone loves those.


We can probably expect these kinds of tie-ins moving forward, especially if Rockstar sees the experiment succeed. As a rule, I don’t play Facebook games, so I haven’t installed it. If you feel like wasting time while you creep on socialize with friends, head over to the Gunslingers page to get started.

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