When Nintendo first announced its fifth generation Pokemon games for the DS, Pokemon Black and White, we had our immediate doubts. The information said the game would breathe new life into the predictable series with innovation, but we remained skeptical.

New images from Japan’s CoroCoro magazine show off the game’s new look; and it’s damn sexy.

The Pokemon games for DS have been often criticized for their predictable story lines and battle mechanics, but they’ve all sold millions upon millions. These sparkly new and exciting visuals will likely draw back long lost fans, at least to get a look.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Nintendo Fan

    this looks awsome….
    I have been waiting for something new to be added to the common pokemon games and I think that this may finaly be it!

  2. Nintendo Fan

    Does anybody know about the new pokemon in the games…
    I know that there are 2 dark guys who start with “Z” but are there any others?

    Oh, and excited person I know just how you feel!

  3. Ian

    Zorua and Zoarork… Can’t wait for these. I still don’t get how they have screenies already.

  4. excited x2

    wow this looks brilliant.
    i’ve been waiting on a gen 5..

    i know they said they’d say more on the fifteenth…
    does anyone know when this comes out? especially in the states?

  5. upset fan

    as a hardcore fan from the beginning, im a little dissapointed and upset at the new games. pokemon needs to be played from a birds-eye view, and i think that these new graphics are to bring back fans who lost interest because of the mediocre (yet classic) graphics, and to draw a new crowd. also; isnt darn near 500 pokemon enough? apparently not according to generation V. in my mind, there are only 151 pokemon. all the rest are just animals with superpowers. . .

  6. Clifford Collins


    What would be really cool would be to have customizeable sprites. I’m tired of having the same old sprites every time. sure, they are sort of different, but not by much. The Hoenn and the Johto ones were the best. Also it would also be cool if we could find a way of transfering pokemon from secondary game to a new game without having two Nintendo ds’s and not to mention having to catch “filler pokemon to trade. anyone agree? alsom I HATE MOST SINNOH POKEMON!!! What were they thinking when they made rhyperior, likilicky and tangagrowth, also magmortar and electivire! No more new pokemon!!

  7. Clifford Collins

    List of bad pokemon (stupid looking)

    Rotom( especially oven form)
    All forms of Chimchar
    and many more sinnoh pokemon

  8. excited x2

    i agree.
    gen 4 pokemon are a major fail.
    i would like to see some new sprites though, because i’ve seen the others so many times.
    i understand where a lot of people are coming from saying the over 500 would be a beast of an amount to catch though.
    if new pokemon are introduced, which is what i am personally hoping for, completing your pokedex will be quite the feat. i will say though it was Much more doable before they started making pokemon that were game exclusive, like latios and latias.
    then it just becomes too much to trade over and…
    completing the pokedex just becomes a chore.

  9. The Truth

    Unfortunately Pokemon Black and White will require the DSI XL due to graphics reasons


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