I feel like Justin Bieber scored some points yesterday. I wasn’t exactly sure if he was being put on Saturday Night Life to help himself or to help the show expand its audience to include every girl under age 20 in America.

The 16-year-old singer took the stage and took over some skits. He sand "Baby" and "U Smile.” He sounded good except for the rap part that’s usually done by Ludacris in the radio/studio versions of “Baby.” The choreography was a little overdone, but, hey, he’s a one-boy boy-band.

Tina Fey was her usual self, looking very at home on Saturday Night Live and delivering her comedic timing and some Weekend Update and even a Sarah Palin skit just for good measure.

So what do you say, Justin Bieber fans? Was his SNL performance dreamy? Does it makes you love him more and more? Leave some comments.

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  1. jbieberinfo

    The classroom skit was very funny and it also showed off Justin’s singing ability IMHO. The prom dance skit was kinda weird and Justin’s performance seemed awkward.

    Justin usually performs better when the audience is engaged, i.e., going wild with screaming fans. The SNL audience–from what I could discern on TV–was subdued, which I think affected Justin’s performance. I thought he was good, just not as good as I’ve seen him before.

    You don’t like the choreography? Damn, I think his dancers are awesome and add a great deal to the performance (along with the back-up singers and band).

    ~ jbieberinfo


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