As promised, Microsoft today unleashed an Xbox 360 system update allowing gamers to use removable USB drives to store precious data.

Next month Microsoft will release their own Microsoft-branded USB drives, but they’re a shade on the expensive side (believed to be $39.99 for 8GB and $69 for 16GB), and it’s important to remember any and all USB drives will work. The cap is at 16GB, but you can actually connect two of that capacity for a very healthy additional 32GB of space for Rock Band tunes, Call of Duty Maps or anything else your digital heart desires.

Confused? Read Microsoft’s FAQ right here.

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  1. Jedimoose

    Tried out the update this morning with a few different drives. Tried a generic 4GB usb stick with 480mbps data transfer rate and got a slow performance warning. Tried a SanDisk with same specs and got the same result. I’m hoping M$ isn’t doing this to push people to buy their memory card; but I’m not convinced they aren’t.


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