Bungie just can’t stop teasing its fans, as the studio released a heaping hot pile of gorgeous high resolution renders from Halo: Reach recently.

Everything from the game’s vastly improved weaponry to its vehicles and enemies are here. A multiplayer beta for the game, which will include some of this, hits May 3, 2010 exclusively for owners of Halo 3: ODST.

Enjoy a few of the shots embedded below but be damn sure to venture to Bungie.net to check out the rest, there’s a LOT!

Grenade launcher




The Sprint ability

RPG fans looking to add to their digital library can do so today as Lionhead’s Fable II has arrived on Microsoft’s Games Of Demand marketplace this morning.

Fable II

Fable II is going for a modest $19.99.

With Fable III scheduled for a late 2010 release date, you could certainly pick up and play it as a refresher. Or not. The money is yours.

What’s more, this morning Xbox 360s everywhere were system updated to allow USB storage allowing you to take your digital goods on the go, or simply increase your memory.

Fable II

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