Up and coming publisher THQ has a $40 million Project Natal game up its sleeve but won’t make it until Microsoft’s motion control market grows and proves itself worthy of that kind of substantial investment.

THQ’s core games VP, Danny Bilso, spoke with CVG about the mysterious project and largely said nothing outside of the possibility.

“I have some concepts and some ideas that use Natal in a core game in a really, really cool way.

“But to your other question I don’t think the experience with the technology is there, I don’t think the install base is there because the game I’m thinking about is a $30m/$40m Natal game and the install base isn’t there yet to support that. The concept I have uses every corner of that tech and maybe in a couple of years we’ll do it.”

“So there’s core potential there but on the creative side I’m absolutely focused on core… so an idea I have for that, aside for the one that we have, is a big core game.

“I think we have to wait a little bit just for the install base to justify spending a ton of money. Because my idea is a really expensive idea.”

How is this news you might say? Some guy, rambling about what he “might” do. We agree, but he isn’t just “some guy,” he’s a higherup at a major publisher and if he’s willing to invest that kind of capital into a motion-based game, then  maybe that should tell us Project Natal is something mightier than what we’ve been led to believe.

Source: CVG

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