CAMBRIDGE — With the devastating situation in Haiti, Soul Clap put on a fundraiser and give back to their community. is looking to help with medical supplies that would benefit Haiti and they collaborated with Soul Clap to have it during their infamous 90s night which is held once a month at Middlesex Lounge.

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The Haitian people have emergency needs now as H´pital Sacr© Coeur has many patients still assigned to cots and stretchers for lack of hospital beds. But many are long-term patients and will need physical therapy, rehabilitation, and surgeries. Additional medical conditions will result from lack of durable beds. Also, H´pital Sacr© Coeur must expand to meet the needs of an increasing population. By sending more quality beds, nurses and doctors can ensure that patient recovery happens faster and meet the populations’ needs. Quality hospital beds are durable and, in the long run, are an economical investment into Haiti’s overall long-term recovery."

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